Private Professional Coaching Application


Is coaching for you?

  • Are you ready to tap into your full potential?
  • Ready to stop allowing the opinions of others determine your growth?
  • Is it more detrimental to your success to stay comfortable where you are than to make a change? 
  • Do you see something in your future that is so enticing that you will move mountains to realize it?

Little-known facts about professional coaching:

  • Coaching is not for everyone.
  • Coaching cannot be forced on anyone. 
  • Coaching is a process, not a conversation. 
  • Not all coaches are equally trained, experienced or qualified.
  • The level of coaching success is directly related to the commitment level of the client. 
  • Professional coaches do not advise, direct or counsel clients.
  • Coaching is an investment, not a check the box activity. 


To ensure that private professional coaching is the right investment for you, please complete the following application.

Why apply? 

1. Reference the first bullet under little-known facts about coaching.  

2. There are limited Private Professional Coaching spots available  -  only the applicants that meet the qualifications are eligible.


What level of professional responsibility do you currently hold?

If 'other' was your response above, please explain:

I believe that I have areas in my life that I could be more effective.

What specific area of your life could be more effective?

If you do not increase your effectiveness on the topic listed above what are the consequences?

Describe why staying as you are today is no longer an option.

Describe the reasons you are seeking a coach. 

Why now?

I am willing and have the capacity to personally invest time and money in my future.


I am open to trying new techniques that will shift my standard mode of operation.

Being completely transparent, what do you believe is your greatest block to getting what you want?

Next step: Schedule time to discuss your application to see if it's a fit.

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