Leap Day


Fed Up With Living a “Status Quo” Lifestyle? Are You Ready For Something GREATER?


“Get Ready To Make The Transformational ‘Leap’To Gain More Clarity & Focus, Eliminate The Fear of Making Change…And Finally, Put Yourself on The Ultimate Life Path You Desire The Most!”




“If you want to be successful, you have to JUMP. There’s no way around it.
When you jump, I can assure you that your parachute will not open right away.
But if you do not jump…your parachute will never open.
If you’re safe…you’ll never soar.” – Steve Harvey


Introducing LEAP DAY: A Full Day Dedicated To YOUR Success!


Let’s face it; you have one shot at your life. There are no dress rehearsals. Unfortunately, many of us are either living a life that is either unfulfilling, unhappy, or living a life that lacks purpose or direction.

We may move through life without any focus, any clarity, or maybe are confronted with issues we just don’t want to face. It’s ok…you’re only human. But the good news is, you don’t have to be “stuck” in an unfulfilling life.

Change IS possible!

Deep down you know your life can be better, but maybe you’re simply sitting on the fence about making real changes in your life. Maybe you’re afraid. Maybe you’re unsure what steps or “leaps” you need to take next

 If you’re fed up, disillusioned and ready to take your life in a fresh and fulfilling new direction…then LEAP DAY has been created just for you!


“So What Exactly Is LEAP DAY Anyway?”


LEAP DAY is a full day that is 100% dedicated and focused strictly on YOU. The main goal and aim is to focus on your own personal needs, desires, roadblocks…and most of all, preparing you to finally make the leap for lasting change.


This transformational day will help you create more clarity and purpose in your life, help you identify and solve reoccurring issues you may be facing, and even help you design a “blueprint” or purpose in your life, help you identify and solve reoccurring issues you may be facing, and even help you design a “blueprint” or personal strategy for success.


“This day will be set in a luxurious and private spa, where you
will always feel welcome, safe and comfortable!”



“Would you like to see if LEAP DAY is the perfect fit for
your needs and desires?

Click here & LEAP









Kristine Conway, MS, PCC